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AARP International is the international offshoot of AARP, the U.S. nonprofit association dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for aging people. They seek to help people live longer, healthier, more financially secure and productive lives by identifying and sharing the best ideas and practices on key policy issues.

The organization wants their International Journal, a prestigious publication that is read by thought leaders, policy makers, and academics around the world, to be the preeminent publication on global aging issues. Working closely with AARP’s editorial team, we were able to not only direct a redesign of the entire journal, but also help them shape content along the way. Compelling visuals and clean design drive the academic articles, bringing topics such as health and long-term care, older workers, financial security, retirement income, and livable communities to life.

The end look is serious, but dynamic. The progressive, revamped Journal will capture a wider audience for AARP’s important messages, attract leading voices in global aging issues, and influence real change in the way the world treats its elderly citizens.

Title: AARP International Journal
Client: AARP International
Design Firm: Levine & Associates
Design Team: Design Director: Marco Javier; Designers: Greg Sitzmann, Melissa Johnston, Lauren Hassani, Jackie Lay
Category: Professional

The new Journal design is more streamlined, leading to a 20 percent reduction in number of pages.

Men and women 60 years old and older are the fastest growing population group in the world. The elderly are a particularly vulnerable group, subject to age and gender discrimination, exploitation, and physical, psychological, and social abuse. The AARP International Journal shines a light on these issues and provides people in positions of influence ideas and information on how to improve life for aging populations.

One of the many issues covered in each edition of the Journal is that of financial security for the elderly. The publication is a useful resource for decision makers everywhere, sharing best practices on everything from pension systems and social security, to the role of elderly people in the workforce.

The Journal, which is published in 48 countries, facilitates a cross-pollination of ideas on dealing with aging populations around the world. Policymakers in the U.S., for example, can learn the benefits of embracing Japanese technological innovations, or a European approach to sustainable communities.

We have worked with AARP International for more than 7 years, both on the Journal (print and online) and other promotional materials. This redesign of the award-winning publication is the result of a long working relationship, and was conceived as a way to continue to bring fresh energy and renewed attention to their work.

The long-term goal is for AARP’s Journal to become the preeminent publication of its kind, a respected collection of the absolute best thinking in the field. The smart, sophisticated design puts them squarely on the path toward that goal. They are now able to attract even more prominent authors on the topics of health and long-term care, older workers, financial security, retirement income, and livable communities—along the lines of past contributors Michael Bloomberg and Madeline Albright.

Pairing a slight increase in page size with an efficient grid layout adaptable to any content length enabled us to reduce the page count by 20 percent, while maintaining a spacious overall effect. We collaborated with illustrators from around the world to bring a global sensibility to the visuals. Working with illustrators from concept to completion yielded unique artwork that depicted more abstract concepts, such as the emerging role of mobile technology in healthcare. We also tackled some of the visuals in-house, including the cover artwork, a 3-dimensional depiction of a model, age-friendly community. After researching the components of successful, age-friendly communities according to the World Health Organization, we built and painted a model of a miniature city scene right in our studio.

All of AARP’s international efforts rest upon the knowledge that we can learn a great deal from the experiences of other countries, and the hope that they can learn from us as well. The Journal is the cornerstone of those efforts. The aging of the world’s population is a transformational issue, one with deep ramifications in every possible sector, and we are excited to help AARP continue to address those pressing issues.


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