(Re)think sustainability and design.

You don’t need to be doing pro bono work for a non-profit to make a positive impact. Responsible design is about the choices you make as a designer, not just the impact of your client’s organization.

The Living Principles is a framework developed by AIGA that guided designers through a series of questions about their research, design, materials selection, and client interactions that lead to a more fair, beneficial, and successful projects. What is amounts to is whole-systems thinking that takes every aspect of a project into account. In other words, it’s good design.

Living Principles Framework

For this year’s competition we will be awarding prizes for each individual category as well as an overall prize we call Greatest Good, which will go to the project whose entry into all four categories showed the greatest consideration for all four categories.

To learn more about the Living Principles as well as to find resources for incorporating responsible design into your own practice, visit http://livingprinciples.aiga.org.