Bear River Valley

MOM Brands partnered with Minneapolis design consultancy Ideas that Kick to create a custom breakfast cereal brand sure to resonate with shoppers in the Rocky Mountain region by showing local geographic landmarks and speaking to their active outdoor interests. Manufactured in the foothills of the Wasatch range, near Salt Lake City, Bear River Valley’s all-natural cereals represent a tasty new lifestyle approach to value-priced branding. Kick created a concept that made the great outdoors and the Bear River Valley brand’s environmental commitment are the stars of the package experience. Since launch, the brand has grown to 33 product SKUs.

Title: Bear River Valley
Client: MOM Brands
Design Firm: Ideas that Kick
Design Team: Creative Director: Stefan Hartung, Copywriter: Brian Beatty, Designer: Danielle Tornquist
Category: Professional

Printing final retail package designs directly on the inner bag used to keep cereal inside boxes fresh is a no-nonsense design strategy that makes sense for the environment, too. Forgoing a wasteful cardboard cereal box reduces packaging waste by 75%. Each Bear River Valley bag also promotes the brand’s commitment to renewable energy. Their cereals are made using wind power. Bear River Valley cereal bags can also be recycled once empty.

Shelving natural breakfast cereals in beautifully designed bags that resonate with consumers by depicting an active outdoor lifestyle and boasting of environmental responsibility. Bear River Valley packaging also encourages consumers to question why everything else along the cereal aisle looks so alike.

Though Bear River Valley is a value brand, its breakfast cereals are made using natural ingredients — so value shoppers have a natural, environmentally responsible breakfast choice for their families. Bear River Valley, like all of Kick’s work for MOM Brands, represents the union of value and design.

Each Bear River Valley bag directs consumers to and to learn more about making environmentally responsible retail decisions in the breakfast aisle. Because Bear River Valley cereals are made without any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, value shoppers have a breakfast choice that encourages more nutritious eating.

The Bear River Valley brand was originally created to appeal to natural and value-brand shoppers in the Rocky Mountain region, but the brand and its packaging proved so popular with the MOM Brands sales force that it is now available in grocery stores and co-ops nationwide. A strong design concept can simplify sales at every level — and influence business strategies. A large part of the appeal to the Bear River Valley branding and packaging concept is the lifestyle depiction vs. just another white box featuring a photo of a cereal bowl with milk pouring into it. Kick realized that consumers know how to eat cereal — and that it’s a better design strategy to remind them WHY a healthy, hearty breakfast matters. Bear River Valley and other brands Kick has created have helped family-owned MOM Brands surpass Post to become the nation’s third largest breakfast cereal maker.


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