What the Frack?

For several years now I have designed self-initiated posters to bring awareness to environmental and social concerns that are important to me. I was curious to know more about fracking, as this process is becoming more prolific, particularly in Pennsylvania where I grew up, and where most of my family still resides. I was alarmed […]

Youth Farm Rebrand

Youth Farm and Market Project is an organization that develops children through to adulthood using the farm to fork agricultural process. Like the crops they plant, the directors at YFMP knew that in order to keep growing, gain more support, and establish a reputation of leadership the brand needed a little tender loving care. Led […]

Think More. Use Less.

Every year ThinkDesign Group sends out a mailer in celebrations of the holidays and the new year. We wanted to demonstrate our sustainable sensibilities with our 2013 mailer. We saved press sheets from many of the projects completed 2012. First we created a “T” (for Think) sculpture by layering press sheets from 13 different projects, […]


Equal Exchange is known for their stand supporting small farmers around the world. Taking it a step further they launched their Tea Co-op campaign. Equal Exchange partnered with Potong Tea Cooperative to provide a tea bush for each time the video on the website was viewed. We were asked to create a mini-website promoting the […]

The Small Gestures Campaign

Employees of the Los Angeles based apparel giant Sunrise Brands consume a lot of coffee and tea on a daily basis. With a staff of over 500, this meant an tragic amount of styrofoam and paper cups wasted each day. Internal management, feed up with placing huge orders for styrofoam cups, saw this problem as […]

Red Campaign

As the Supreme Court prepared to hear two historic marriage equality cases, the Human Rights Campaign launched an inspirational campaign to drive a national conversation around marriage. One element was to change our iconic blue and yellow logo to red, the color of love. On Monday, March 25, we changed our logo on all of […]

olleh green phone

Koreans on average switch their phones approximately every 27 months which is about half of Japan’s rate at 46 months. The short cycle of owning an advanced phone causes many phones to sit idly at home. The frequent phone change brought unused phones to 23M. It is the largest size for a single product. Like […]

NYC Service

New York State and New York City have an embarrassing problem when it comes to volunteering. New York state ranks dead last among all U.S. states and New York City ranks 49th out of 51 Metropolitan Areas in service. Our recent work for NYC Service, nycservice.org, seeks to reverse this reality by offering an easy-to-use […]

North of Sixty°

The circumpolar Arctic is being impacted by the most rapid and widespread environmental changes on Earth. Sustainability threats cut across the social-ecological spectrum, affecting human, plant, and animal populations alike. The mission of North of Sixtyº is to collaborate with schools from around the Arctic to create a global tapestry of video stories that weave […]

Mushroom Farm

[storefront] Olson Kundig Architects is an experiment in design, culture and social practice. Olson Kundig Architects created [storefront] in the summer of 2011, [storefront] (located in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square) has served as a venue for an array of installations and events that are free and open to the public. In February of 2012, we […]

Modern Carnivore Brand Identity

Modern Carnivore, a newly founded, Minnesota based for-profit company that helps connect people to sustainable and healthy meat choices, unveiled it’s new brand identity in April 2013 which included a new logo, messaging, website and collateral. The brand is telling a story about – healthier people and a healthier planet through honestly re-connecting people to […]


Konjo is an economic development initiative launched by Life In Abundance (LIA), a nonprofit organization that works in several countries throughout northeast Africa. Konjo sandals are handcrafted by a group of vulnerable, previously unemployed, unskilled women and men in one of Africa’s largest slums—Kibera—in Nairobi, Kenya. The leather sandals are made of locally sourced resources […]