If you are a designer like me who thinks outside the box, appreciates beauty in things people wouldn’t ordinarily notice and is not afraid to express their thoughts and opinions, then the AIGA Design Awards platform is the place for you. I welcome creatives in the design industry especially those with a fascination for casino games to join me as we explore the beauty that comes with gambling. If you feel as though you have come across the most beautiful casino games then you are in the right place because very few designers can say this about gambling.

In the same breath, if you feel as though you haven’t come across the most beautiful casino games and you might just have a design for it then you are also welcome to this platform. I therefore invite you to contribute to this platform through sharing your own thoughts, ideas and opinions on what works at casinos, what you feel could be improved and be sure to justify your ideas. This is a discussion purely from a design perspective therefore I expect out of the box thinking.

If you wish to learn more about how you can contribute to this platform please reach out to me through my email and we’ll kirk@aigaredesignawards.com discuss more.