Ever-Green Energy: 3-part Brochure

Originally formed to develop District Energy St. Paul’s CHP facility, the for-profit subsidiary, Ever-Green Energy, expanded to consult communities and institutions throughout North America in need of reliable, creatively sustainable solutions to meet their energy challenges and reduce carbon emissions. Their services include feasibility planning, project development, project implementation, and system operation and management. Even with a wealth of experience, skills, and talented staff, Ever-Green Energy faced the challenge of competing against large, established national and international engineering and consulting groups. They needed a marketing strategy and communication tools that established the firm as a serious contender in the energy industry. Seriously ready to break into the larger market, Ever-Green Energy desired to define its brand separately from District Energy St. Paul, while communicating their collective successes and synergies. FourFive created a 3-part, multi-angle piece with visuals and messaging that convey the science behind their methods and creativity of their approach. Individually, each piece provides targeted information about their expertise, technologies and project portfolio; combined, they communicate an impressive overview of the company.

Title: Ever-Green Energy: 3-part Brochure
Client: Ever-Green Energy
Design Firm: FourFive
Design Team: Rita Penrod and Craig Johnson
Category: Professional

With the content divided into three separate brochures, different print quantities were specified for each based on focused target audiences. For reruns, only the affected brochure will be reprinted. Angled pages were designed to be cut on a straight-edge industrial cutter, eliminating custom dies and paper waste. Printed with soy ink on FSC certified paper stock containing 50% post-consumer waste fiber. Digital versions of all brochures are available on company website as PDF download.

The brochures explain how communities and institutions can use local resources and integrated systems to meet their energy needs, deliver financial success, and improve environmental conditions. Whether it’s biofuel, wind power, or deep sea cooling, each project is designed and developed to utilize a regions unique resources. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels, clients invest in their own communities and create a more secure and sustainable energy system.

The brochures convey the many ways Ever-Green Energy can help communities and institutions develop and manage integrated energy systems. By using local resources, financial investments are kept within the community, greater efficiency is achieved, rates are stabilized, and reliance on fossil fuels is greatly reduced, resulting in a more secure and sustainable energy system.

Energy sourcing and consumption is a complex discussion fraught with conflicting opinions on security, financial opportunity, politics, self-reliance and environmental impact. With marketing materials created by FourFive, Ever-Green Energy can help communities and potential clients understand how a local, integrated energy system creates business, financial and environmental opportunities within their own district – in addition to the energy security provided by eliminating or reducing the need for foreign fuel sources.

Ever-Green Energy has developed a proven Integrated Energy Model (IEM) that combines advanced technologies and local resources to serve communities, campuses, and institutions. Their energy experts are uniquely qualified to assist communities in creating sustainable solutions to meet growing energy needs and secure their energy future. Originally formed to develop District Energy St. Paul’s biomass-fired CHP facility, the team expanded their services to provide feasibility planning, project design and construction; and operation and management for other communities and institutions in North America.

Ever-Green Energy’s audience is a wide, yet sophisticated group whose decisions affect the financial and energy security of their institutions as well as the broader community. They include local, regional and national governments (considered Ever-Green’s largest growth opportunity); military bases, academic institutions, developers, investors, and environmental organizations. In order to attract their attention the design had to be smart, concise, and different. Potential clients needed to quickly grasp why an integrated energy system might be the best solution for their organization, and why Ever-Green Energy was the best choice to lead the project. To achieve this, we built the design around science and systems. Random electrons and protons connect information, and abstract images of systems, both natural and man-made, subtly supports Ever-Green’s approach to systems-thinking.

As Ever-Green Energy’s expertise and portfolio expands, their marketing materials need to convey their growing capabilities and latest technologies. The solution was a 3-piece modular brochure, individually focusing on Ever-Green Energy’s expertise, integration technologies, and project portfolio. Each piece can be updated independently of the others, keeping the material fresh and relevant while reducing waste associated with full brochure reprints.

Every step of the design process was approached with the environmental impact in mind. By creating and producing this project at the same time as District Energy St. Paul’s brochures, we were able to reduce paper costs and the carbon footprint associated with transport by combining orders into a single shipment. Angled pages were designed to be cut on a straight-edge industrial cutter, thus eliminating the need for custom dies and wasted paper. We worked closely with the printer and adjusted designs and brochure sizes to maximize press sheets, and specified FSC certified paper stock containing no less than 50% post-consumer waste fiber. And because the brochure was divided into three pieces, the client was able to order custom quantities for each piece. To reduce the impact further, digital versions of all brochures were made available as PDF downloads on the company website. The client also has the option to make updates on the digital files only without having to reprint any or all of the three brochures.


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