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The increase in our global population is putting a strain on food resources worldwide and has led to unsustainable growing practices. We have seen a hopeful upturn of interest in local farming, but local vendors are still often overlooked for the convenience of large supermarkets. The Local’s Market acts as an intermediary in the local agricultural community by seeking to understand the needs of consumers and matching them with the appropriate local providers.

We make it convenient to buy locally. Our membership structure insures that all of our members will benefit from their investment. Each of our vendors gains financial security and distribution management. Our buyers receive quality goods, as well as the convenience of an online marketplace and delivery service. By strengthening the local economy, The Local’s Market reduces the consumption of resources and increases the self-sufficiency of smaller communities.

In The Local’s Garden, we bring community members together. Here, volunteers learn how to cultivate vegetables and producers offer workshops, including classes in food cultivation, preparation and nutrition. By acting as a bridge between local producers and consumers, The Local’s Market is building the foundation for a mutually sustained agricultural community.

Title: The Local’s Market
Client: Raleigh’s Local Food Community
Design Team: Garnet Fisher, Austin Simmons, Zoë Symon
Category: Student

We improve on existing food distribution systems by minimizing the resources needed to preserve and transport products over long distances. Local delivery eliminates cross-country shipping and guarantees fresh products. Our shared risk membership structure insures investment in the local economy, allowing farmers to focus on providing quality products using sustainable methods. Our delivery crates and bags are durable and reusable, allowing for minimal product packaging.

The focus of The Local’s Garden is to engage people in the processes that make local food production possible and to encourage all generations to take initiative in the movement. Volunteering in the garden gives you credits towards your weekly food basket, providing incentive for members to get their families involved in food cultivation and preparation. Workshops in the garden give our members the confidence to grow and prepare their own food.

The membership structure of The Local’s Market provides financial security for local producers through shared risk marketing. In exchange for consumers’ investment in their local economy, we provide consistent quality products through our streamlined food delivery service. Our vendors are insured profit for their season, and they save time and money through online marketing and distribution. Each producer’s backstory is featured online and in our seasonal catalogue, increasing their credibility and brand recognition.

Hands-on experience in our workshops and community garden gives our members the confidence to grow their own food and prepare healthy meals using local ingredients. Our nutrition tracker app promotes a balanced diet, while our recipe book app provides healthy meal suggestions according to your dietary needs. The Local’s Market seasonal publication and blog share recent happenings and member stories, prompting involvement in the local community.

The Local’s Market mission statement: “By acting as a bridge between local producers and consumers, we hope to build the foundation for a mutually sustained agricultural community.”

One of the most important primary steps in this project was our creation of a brand diagram. This was our point of departure and reference for every facet of the service we created. The brand diagram outlines the connection between producers and consumers and includes service blueprints for distribution, scheduling, marketing and education as well as staff members for each portion of the service.

On the front end, the service is divided into four sections: Farm, Market, Garden, and Kitchen. Each section includes user experience touchpoints from across the service blueprint, and each has its own language to connect with the community.

FARM: quality | variety | consistency | credibility
From the field to our hands, we make sure we know how your produce is treated before it gets to you. We aim to develop a trusted relationship between providers of quality goods and local consumers by maintaining a rigorous selection process for our producers. All of our farmers, bakers, butchers & artisans are insured consistent orders and courteous service. By engaging our customers in the narrative of the products they consume, we hope to strengthen the relationship between producer and consumer.

MARKET: efficiency | freshness | access | customization
When it comes to picking your products, we’ll make it easy to find what you’re looking for. By providing a seasonal product catalog as well as an online marketplace, we make sure that our customers have the information they need to insure that they’ll get the product they want. Our intuitive automated system remembers your order history as well as dietary needs or restrictions. Delivery preferences also allow you to schedule your weekly drop-off.

GARDEN: advocacy | initiative | renewal | sustainability
You can get your hands dirty, too! We’d love for you to join us in our community garden for a workday or attend a nutrition or food preparation event. The focus of the garden is to engage people in the processes that make local food production possible, as well as encouraging younger generations to take initiative in the continuation of this movement. Volunteering in the garden allows you to receive credits towards your weekly basket.

KITCHEN: utilization | creation | active engagement
We don’t just stop at the doorstep, The Local’s Market follows our products all the way to your table. Our website features recipes catered to your weekly product selection. Cooking classes and our nutrition mobile app also help you actively engage in maintaining your diet. Let us take care of your shopping list so you can focus on enjoying the food!


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