Think More. Use Less.

Every year ThinkDesign Group sends out a mailer in celebrations of the holidays and the new year. We wanted to demonstrate our sustainable sensibilities with our 2013 mailer.

We saved press sheets from many of the projects completed 2012. First we created a “T” (for Think) sculpture by layering press sheets from 13 different projects, to embrace the previous year.

The mailer is printed on the press sheets; doing this gave the recipients a glimpse of an actual project and a unique one of a kind brochure. We screen printed “Think more, Use less” in the shape on the front cover to enforce that by thinking harder we can create good design and still be environmentally responsible. The inside of the brochure (the back of the press sheets) were printed at a certified Minnesota Great Printer with soy ink, low VOCs, and in a facility that produces no hazardous waste. The envelopes were handmade from materials found in our studio.

Title: Think More. Use Less.
Design Firm: ThinkDesign Group
Design Team: Linda Henneman & Brittney Schneider
Category: Professional

This project reduces unneeded waste by repurposing paper that would most likely be thrown out. Also by choosing a printer that uses soy ink with low VOCs and does not produce hazardous waste we are not creating any new waste. The handmade envelopes used paper that we found in our studio, this did not require a machine to make anything new that could of produced hazardous waste.

The nature of this project raises awareness to the recipients of this mailer. It shows that ThinkDesign Group continues to think about how we can reduce the impact that our work has on the environment while raising the impact of what we do to help our clients brands succeed. It also inspires people to be more thoughtful in how they can reduce the amount of waste they create.

This project affects the economy because it saves resources. At the same time, it was used as a marketing technique to promote ThinkDesign Group and how we are environmentally conscious, which is desirable to new and existing clients.

This project inspires people to be more environmentally responsible because when they see that it can be done successfully they will develop a positive attitude towards the idea, and it will inspire them to be conscious about the environment and make environmentally friendly choices in their day to day life. ThinkDesign Group sends a mailer out every year to clients, family, and friends in celebration of the holidays and to welcome the new year. This gives an opportunity to thank people for their support, and also a chance for ThinkDesign Group to give back by making a donation to a charity.

At our core ThinkDesign Group is environmentally conscious and we strive to reflect that in our work. This year we really wanted to push ourselves to make our mailer as “green” as possible to encourage our audience to follow suit and make no negative impact on the environment what so ever!

With intentions of reusing them, we saved press sheets printed from our projects in 2012. We started by creating a paper sculpture in the shape of a “T” in honor of ThinkDesign Group that used press sheets from 13 different projects to embrace the up coming year, 2013. Photographing this piece, printing it, and sending it out wasn’t enough, so we took another step in making our project “green”.

We decided to print on the actual press sheets. This gave our audience an up-close glimpse of a real piece of work and by its nature, offered a variety of looks. “Think more, Use less” says exactly what we had been doing to solve our problem. Thinking about how we could make this piece be successful in a design sense but actually using less than any other project we had done before. Our new saying reflected our brand and encouraged our objective.

Inside the brochure we explained our techniques, showed the projects, and said why we chose to donate to environmentally conscious organizations. We had it printed at a certified Minnesota Great Printer with soy ink, low VOCs, at a facility that produces no hazardous waste.

After this was finished we wanted to keep our theme going for the envelopes. We handmade all the envelopes out of paper samples accumulated over the years at the studio. Not only did we again repurpose paper, but we saved our planet from any possible hazardous waste that a machine would of produced when creating new envelopes, and used a rubber stamp for the messaging.

Overall the project was very successful; we completed our goal of being environmentally responsible, encouraging others to do the same, showcasing our work. Think more. Use less.


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