This article is somewhat a continuation of a topic we started in our previous article where we were looking at the most popular casino games in traditional casinos, and we found out that these popular games also happen to be the most beautiful casino games. Well, through this article, we seek to confirm our hypothesis as we look into the most popular online casino games.

Blackjack: In the online casino space, blackjack sometimes referred to as twentyone is a very popular game played by several players who are not in competition amongst themselves but rather with the dealer. The online version of this game has been very well designed to give players a feeling that they are seated on an actual casino table and this is why it’s so popular.

Baccarat:This is a popular online casino game with a number of variations to it depending on the part of the world it is played, though these are minor variations that don’t affect the gameplay much. Just as with Blackjack, the players compete with the banker and not with each other, and the online version has been designed to give the player an experience very close to the real thing.

Slot machines:People who enjoy online gambling will attest that playing slots online is not that much different from playing slots on the casino floor because the games have been designed to create the same effects and the thrill they would offer on the casino floor. The only exception is that you don’t have an audience of which not many players mind at all.

Looking at these games purely from a design perspective, you can still see that their popularity is tied to their design in fact, their design influences their popularity. This confirms our hypothesis that the most beautiful casino games also happen to be the most popular casino games.

These are the most popular casino games in an online casino

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