Shoe boxes have one single purpose, to protect the shoes upon delivery from the store to home. SKINS Shoe box looks at how the traditional shoe box can be repurposed into a more meaningful experience and transfer across multiple uses. It addresses the need to design with intentions of reusability and multi-functionalities that promote sustainability and reducing waste.

The all-in-one design functions with multiple lives: a carry box, stackable shoe shelf, and fold-out hanging wall organizer. This extends the purpose past its initial objective of simply transporting the shoes and accessories from the store to home.

Title: SKINS Shoes
Designer: Jiani Lu; Faculty Advisor: Albert Ng
Category: Student

The main design characteristics of the package lie within the material choices: paperboard, illustration board and fabric. All are chosen for their recyclability and strength, which can transfer into a package of longevity, yet can be sustainably disposed, recycled and reused. The emphasis of the materials is expressed through open compositions and a neutral palette that draws attention to the tactility and textures of the materials.

A good pair of shoes is the result of quality craftsmanship, yet the care and effort that goes into these products rarely translates into the packaging – often cheap and disposable. SKINS Shoe Box raises awareness in how we can utilize these materials in a re-purposeful fashion to extend the purpose of the package into a more meaningful experience.

The concept of the design was to create an all-in-one purchasing and ownership experience, extending past solely protecting and transporting the shoes. A package that would not be thrown out or wasted after a single purpose, but repurposed with other functionalities. This approach creates new opportunities in extending the life of packaging resources and materials, while adding value to the brand experience as consumers adapt it into other aspects of their lives.

The project asks consumers to be consciously aware of sustainable packaging and making environmental decisions. By purchasing products from a brand that addresses these environmental and packaging concerns, it adds value to the purchasing and ownership experience.

The shoe box itself acts as a storage box that features a see-through side, allowing you to easily find the pair of shoes you are looking for. The box has a second purpose where it may be stacked together with multiple boxes to create a shoe shelf. The versatility and endless combinations allow you to create a shelf adaptable to your living space; arrange, stack and organize your shoes as you like. The lid of the shoe box features a small hidden compartment that acts as storage space for extras such as shoe laces and dust bags.

The carry box folds out and reveals itself as a long, narrow wall organizer. This organizer is made out of strong paperboard and features a fabric handle at the top to support the entire shell behind a door, in your closet, or simply on a wall. It is a multi-purpose wall organizer with pockets to hold small accessories and features a component that is specifically designed to organize socks, tights, scarves and ties, and all of your shoe accessories.

Minimal typographic elements and visuals allow the form of the package to highlight itself. The overall look and feel achieves a neutral package that is applicable to both men and women’s footwear while the simple labeling, minimal use of copy, and use of typography transfers the package across a universal market.


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