Equal Exchange is known for their stand supporting small farmers around the world. Taking it a step further they launched their Tea Co-op campaign. Equal Exchange partnered with Potong Tea Cooperative to provide a tea bush for each time the video on the website was viewed. We were asked to create a mini-website promoting the video and to create an easy environment in which to participate. The original goal of 5000 views was passed easily, ending up with over 20,000 views.

Title: Tea.Co-op
Client: Equal Exchange
Design Firm: Replace
Creative Designer: Jeff Johnson
Designer: Andy Weaver
Category: Professional

Not only did Equal Exchange better Potong Garden in Darjeeling, India, but they also provided more bushes for sustainable tea harvesting.

This project promoted awareness in the most basic sense: by getting the word out. After 5,000 views was hit, then 10,000, it was clear that people were strongly supporting Equal Exchange’s approach to making the world a bit better.

With more tea plants planted, Potong Tea Garden was able to provide a more stable work environment. This also effects the city of Darjeeling, India where the tea garden is located.

This project supports the “me too” attitude. When others see the work that Equal Exchange and their supporters are doing, it’s hard not to commit your own efforts to bettering the world around you. Plus, how much easier could it be? Watch a video, plant a tea bush.

The strategy of this project was pretty straightforward: watch the video, plant a tea bush. Further interaction from the consumer comes in when they enter their information into the website to stay connected to Equal Exchange and the project. We needed to present a fool proof way of sharing, viewing, and interacting with a video that was still compelling enough to promote a reaction.


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