4 ways you can become successful at gambling


I guess it’s time I also draw your attention to the fact that all that time I have spent on casino floors admiring the most beautiful casino games, have made me somewhat good at gambling. The truth is that casinos are pretty strict therefor the only way to spend your time in them is by partaking of the various games on offer. I therefore learnt a couple of simple ways to become really successful at gambling.

Here goes!

Always start modest

If you ever decide to go gambling, never walk into a casino with a bunch of cash because I can guarantee you that you will leave absent that cash. The idea is to go in with a modest amount and use it as you learn the lay of the place and the games.

Always have a goal

Being at a casino is not all about winning. You must always factor in your learning curve therefore set goals and adjust as you go. First it’s about learning the games then set other goals such as amounts you want to win as you perfect your game play.

Always be willing to lose

This is a point you will hear over and over therefore you should never ignore it. Anytime you stake money at a casino, you should always keep in mind that this money is as good as gone therefore it should be money you should be willing to lose. Don’t stake what you are not willing to lose.

Keep you gambling cash separate

Most gamblers whether pro or amateur have ended up going into debt or in trouble with friends and family because of gambling with money meant for other important stuff. It’s therefore very paramount that you keep your gambling cash separate from your other cash to avoid the temptation of misusing such money.

These tips will come very much in handy keeping in mind that you will spend a lot of time on casino floors on online gambling websites learning more about how design of casino games influences the gambling experience.

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These are the most popular casino games in an online casino


This article is somewhat a continuation of a topic we started in our previous article where we were looking at the most popular casino games in traditional casinos, and we found out that these popular games also happen to be the most beautiful casino games. Well, through this article, we seek to confirm our hypothesis as we look into the most popular online casino games.

Blackjack: In the online casino space, blackjack sometimes referred to as twentyone is a very popular game played by several players who are not in competition amongst themselves but rather with the dealer. The online version of this game has been very well designed to give players a feeling that they are seated on an actual casino table and this is why it’s so popular.

Baccarat:This is a popular online casino game with a number of variations to it depending on the part of the world it is played, though these are minor variations that don’t affect the gameplay much. Just as with Blackjack, the players compete with the banker and not with each other, and the online version has been designed to give the player an experience very close to the real thing.

Slot machines:People who enjoy online gambling will attest that playing slots online is not that much different from playing slots on the casino floor because the games have been designed to create the same effects and the thrill they would offer on the casino floor. The only exception is that you don’t have an audience of which not many players mind at all.

Looking at these games purely from a design perspective, you can still see that their popularity is tied to their design in fact, their design influences their popularity. This confirms our hypothesis that the most beautiful casino games also happen to be the most popular casino games.

These are the most popular casino games in a traditional casino


I originally wasn’t a fun of gambling however, the first place I noticed the beauty of casino games was when I saw a movie scene of a casino floor and this just gave me the desire to see a real casinowith my bare eyes. This desire took me to Vegas where I walked into a casino floor and got an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful casino games.

The interesting bit is that more patrons were attracted to these games based on their beauty and this is why this article seeks to look at the most popular casino games in a traditional casino.



The slot machine: These games are very colorful and patrons are drawn to them not only because of the allure of easy wins but also because the design is very deliberate and enticing. For starters, slots have been designed to be very ergonomic therefore can be played very easily, and is very colorful therefore can be seen from almost any point in the casino. This is by design not by default.



The roulette: Ever wondered why the designer of the roulette chose to use a wheel and not any other shape? Again, this was a design decision. When the wheel spins, the patrons tend to appreciate that it’s a game of chance because there’s not really much control on where the wheel will stop. This therefore gives them comfort that they have a winning chance even though the odds are with the house.



Craps:As far as dices go, you can’t fail to appreciate the design work that went into them. They may seem as tiny objects that are just thrown on a table with the thrower hopping to get their desired outcome however, dice are actually perfectly weighted and have perfect symmetry to ensure equal probability of the dice landing on any of its faces.

With this additional information you realize that the beauty and popularity of these games goes lies with design as it influences winning odds.

In our coming post we’ll look at how design influences online casinos.